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I highly recommend watching this movie

Official website:

The main speaker of the movie also gives an interesting conference about Vitamin C here:

There is a new docuseries made by the same producer called:

It is amazingly interesting!!! So many essential truths in the same place!!!

Immensely valuable information, great speakers all along...

Other very interesting docuseries:

And another "must-watch" documentary: 

(very eye-opening)

I am part of Dr Rath Health Alliance.

You can learn about him and his research here:

I recommend suscribing to the newsletters of:

Look at these websites also:


Find all the studies you want from a simple key-words research... So great!

(newsletter also)

My previous website about (the biggest lies about) health (mainly in French, but with many links in English...)

My first goal as a musician and natural health advisor is to help people to be happy and healthy.



As you may already know, the pharmaceutical companies business is centered on illness. As is true with all businesses, the goal is to sell their products.


(Reference links below: former pharmaceutical employee testimony)


The vast majority of the natural remedies and so-called alternative medicines are widely rejected because of the threat to profit.


Chemical drugs merely treat symptoms, often with no lasting success and sadly create other problems in the process. 


Pharmaceutical companies heavily finance universities medical programs. As a result students are not taught in depth about the very real uses and benefits of vitamin therapy as an alternative to pharmaceutical medication. Same thing for other alternative medicines…

Unfortunately there is also very little teaching on nutrition in standard curriculums despite overwhelming research supporting its importance and success in achieving overall optimal health. 


Disconcertingly, countless cases of fraud involved in studies funded by pharmaceutical companies have surfaced in the past decades. 


Moreover, the careers of many brilliant researchers and doctors whose research, findings or practices threatened the pharmaceutical industry have been undermined and their research buried.


There have also been countless circumstances of meddling within medical research and publication organizations as well as with government regulatory agencies like the FDA.


The fact of the matter is that proper nutrition and micronutrients are key to achieve good health. 

“Big Pharma” try as much as possible to downplay the role of vitamins and tell herbal supplements don't work and can be harmful.


Prescription medications, taken as prescribed, lead to over 100000 deaths per year in the US alone. With other iatrogenic causes like nosocomial infections, medical errors and unnecessary surgery, it amounts to more than 200000 deaths per year.


There have been no cases of people dying from vitamins and herbal supplements.


They are natural ways to cure virtually all diseases, but everything is done to keep this information inaccessible to the general public.




Below are a few of the main problems about nutrition and health along with links to some of the numerous available resources…


One of my goals is to build a platform through which to give access to this kind of information and to the solutions…


NB: is one of the best resources for health on the internet offering reliable and well-supported information.

I use it regularly and recommend the newsletter subscription. and are both good for health topics too. There are many others…


I’m focusing mainly on the problems here, and will focus on the solutions later on…



Modern wheat has become toxic as a result of hybridization...


Very good documentary about it!!


Also check all these articles:






Small doses of raw milk from a single grass-fed cow, and some kind of cheeses made with such a milk can be beneficial. Goat and sheep raw milk and cheese are better tolerated as the dairy molecule is more easily absorbed by the body. Nowadays however, milk is a mix from hundreds of cows that are often treated with antibiotics and hormones. This milk is then homogenized and pasteurized which can create many problems.



*Non-fermented soy products are very harmful.


In a nutshell:




*Many food additives are really bad.

The worst ones are MSG and aspartame



*Microwave ovens are "killing" the food and it becomes poisonous



*Teflon in cookware is poisonous



*Fluoride is highly toxic for the brain and the nervous system but is added to the water supply in many countries, and can be found in the vast majority of toothpastes...



*Many toxic chemicals are found in cosmetics and are absorbed directly through the skin (these chemicals get into the blood as soon as 30 seconds after application)


*Vaccinations are for the most part, toxic and useless

50 reasons not to vaccinate


*The Cholesterol Myth and Statins toxicity


Cardiovascular diseases are caused predominantly by oxidation, acidification and lack of Vitamin C, L-lysine, and other nutrients that the body needs to repair arteries. Cholesterol is not the culprit and represents a mere 10 percent of what the body uses to seal the cracks in the arteries. Statins, the medications typically prescribed to lower cholesterol are very harmful, but it is a very profitable business...





Chemotherapy is a terrible mistake and leads to useless suffering and death. Only 5 percent of people treated this way are still alive 10 years beyond their treatment.


Lies have been perpetrated and cures hidden to maintain this multi-billion dollar industry, and impose chemotherapy, radiations and surgery as the only available “cures.” The subsequent result of countless unnecessary deaths is deeply tragic.  


"The truth about cancer" is certainly one of the most complete resource now available on this subject:

A series of documentaries with interviews of people successfully curing it all over the world… Powerful knowledge!


Another very interesting one is Cut, Poison and Burn


There is so much more to share about that.


There are plenty of other subjects, like the AIDS controversy, harmful effects of electromagnetic waves, GMO, pesticides, meat production, mercury fillings, healthy fats, dangers of a grain and refined sugar heavy diet, etc.


There is also extensive material regarding the use of plants, vitamins, micronutrients, enzymes, amino acids, essential oils, etc. as solutions.


I am part of Dr Rath Health Alliance.


Dr Rath has continued the work of Linus Pauling, a double Nobel Prize winning doctor who researched the many positive effects of Vitamin C with overwhelmingly strong results, yet struggled to spread his findings.


Dr Rath is the father of what he calls “cellular medicine”…


Here in Belgium there is a "health center" from which upwards of 70 percent of cancerous patients have been cured, mainly with high doses of Vitamins and micronutrients in conjunction with plants and specific diet.


The 30 percent of patients who are not cured are largely the ones damaged beyond repair by chemotherapy or those who go back to the conventional medical system.


Many other diseases are addressed as well. So much to tell…


There are many health facts that people deserve to know! And something has to be done!


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